Safety, Sport & Hunting


Eye injuries in the workplace are very common. Potential eye hazards in the workplace include, but are not limited to projectiles, chemicals, radiation, and blood borne pathogens. High risk occupations for eye injuries include, but are not limited to construction, manufacturing, mining, carpentry, auto repair, electrical work, plumbing, welding, and maintenance.

Two major reasons workers experience eye injuries on the job are because they were not wearing eye protection, or they were wearing the wrong kind of protection for the job. Personal protective eyewear may include goggles, face shields, safety glasses, or full-face respirators; all of which may have prescription or non-prescription lenses.

We encourage you to start with a comprehensive eye evaluation to determine your visual needs. We can then fit you with the proper eye protection for your work environment and according to your workplace specifications. We work with many local companies to provide safety eyewear selection and fitting.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes for home projects as well.


If you play sports, we encourage you to have your eyes examined to detect whether you have vision problems, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, which could diminish your performance and lead to physical injuries during sports.

Each year, thousands of sports-related eye injuries occur in the United States (AOA). Even casual athletes need to protect their sight by wearing proper protective eyewear. Conventional frames and lenses do not meet the minimum requirements for impact resistance in most sports. Sports-protective eyewear is tested to meet rigid standards.

Sports with a moderate to high risk of eye injury include, but are not limited to basketball, baseball, softball, field hockey, ice hockey, racquetball, fencing, boxing, full-contact martial arts, shooting, tennis, soccer, volleyball, water polo, football, fishing, golf, and wrestling.

Harmony EyeCare can provide you with a thorough eye examination to determine if any visual or ocular disorders are present. We can then fit you with the proper eye protection for your sports related activities.